Dr. Jared is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I have had the hearing aids he recommended for just over a year and love them. I had my first set of hearing aids almost 30 years ago and have never liked them so stopped wearing them. It is great to finally have hearing aids that work for me! I love that I can change them depending on my environment. Tina is great also with making sure I am scheduled out, reminder calls and always so friendly.
Dr Dyanna Haley Rezac, on Google
I have been with Pikes Peak Hearing for several years and the staff is very helpful and understanding. The product offerings have been varied and affordable. I am really happy with my hearing aids and the service contract. I would definitely recommend Pikes Peak Hearing to anyone.
Merle Clowe, on Google
I have been a customer of Pikes Peak Hearing for 50 years. My parents bought the first one when I was 18, I just purchased my seventh or eighth one last month. The service is top notch, very professional. And of course the devices are the best in the world. Thank you for giving me the gift of hearing for my entire life.
Lynn Klisavage, on Google
Dr Jared did what he could with my old hearing aids. I looked at replacement, 2 year's ago. New technology, is hard to accept, us semi old people. When we get my new ones tuned in!! I already hear more than anything in long time. Don't tell my wife! Thanks.
Bruce Davis, on Google
Cheri and I had appointment yesterday to have her hearing aid checked. Jared did his diagnostics, found it not working, and completed another hearing test. Jared was unable to repair the hearing aid, but shipped it off for repair. Jared spent much more time with us than the appointment for which we had arranged. Jared went way over the top to take care of us. We appreciate it and we appreciate Jared. Thank you.
Lee Ofner, on Google

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