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Dr. Lee and her staff have always been completely professional to me. Appointment times are always met and Dr. Lee always listens when you tell her about your experiences with your hearing aids. She is very experienced at making adjustments and fine tuning hearing aids. This is a very well run hearing aid business.
Chuck Beard, on Google
Dr. Lee is outstanding. She is very professional, talented & personal. Rhonda (reception & handy assistant) always greets you with a smile. They meet you several times a year to clean the wax buildup in your ear, clean your hearing devise & test your hearing to make any necessary adjustments in your devise. After my first hearing test, Dr. Lee fitted me with a perfect hearing aid to meet my needs. I was surprised at how much my hearing had degraded over the years. I was able to hear loved ones in all conditions. Frequently in restaurants, I had trouble hearing others to join in conversations, or in church services with my friends. I felt so isolated. Now I am able to hear things that I haven't heard in years. As a musician, it has been delightful to hear all of the nuances in music that I once enjoyed! I would highly recommend anyone with questionable hearing, to see Dr. Lee.
Curt Stone, on Google
Wonderful professionals at this location who fitted me for custom molds for both hearing aids and Bragi earbuds. I have never been able to get a comfortable fit with earbuds, and this was the first time I had impressions of my ears made and it turns out I have a sharp 90 degree turn inside my ear which makes most buds painful for me. This was the first time anyone pointed that out to me and I really appreciated the amount of time that was spent with me explaining things to me as well as ensuring I had a proper fit. Truly a great place with wonderful people working here!
Mark Riccardi, on Google
I went to Pikes Peak for the first time this past week to get my quarterly check up on my hearing aids. All I can say is WOW! I walked in and was immediately taken back to get checked out. No waiting! What a concept! While the doctor was looking at my ears, the technician found that the microphones on my hearing aids had gotten dirty and replaced them. I can hear again! And let me tell you....the wife sure likes that. I highly recommend Pikes Peak Hearing Aid Services.
James Brandon, on Google
I have been a patient of Dr Lee for several years. She is an excellent communicator and audiologist. Her office has always responded quickly to me needs -- even when I had a problem in Hawaii they were able to get me referred to an office in Honolulu that could fix the problem. Just great service!
Greg Johnson, on Google

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