Glad to have Anneke Lee back. She’s the best.
Lora Leggett, on Google
All ways treated great there and get what I need.
Norb Nothstein, on Google
My experience at Pikes Peak hearing aid services is one I have come to totally depend upon. This is based on several years of being a customer. Jared Teter has always shown me courteous consideration. He's knowledgeable and very candid, which is of the types of people you look forward to seeing. Whether I've needed new hearing aids, maintenance, or tweeks he is on it! Thanks Jared
Sydney Seaman, on Google
They were awesome !! I told the doctor I had tinnitus really bad , ringing of the ears, it was waking me up at night and he flushed them with this high-powered like pressure washer machine and I was amazed at what came out I can hear now better than I could 20 years ago it seems like... this is amazing great place ,awesome place, great doctor!!
Steve Conner, on Google
Everyone in the office is really friendly and helpful.
Tiresa Lytle, on Google

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