I've been wearing hearing aids for a number of years. I've been to a few different hearing aid offices, but I've been very pleased with Pikes Peak Hearing Aid Services. Although they have experienced a number of changes in the audiologists, the steady constant has been Tina! Always polite, always helpful, and always willing to work with you to ensure you have the best experience leading to the best outcome! Thanks, to Tina and Jared for helping me hear more of the things I want to hear!
Donald Haymaker, on Google
Jarad's attention to detail and follow-up is greatly appreciated. Tina has helped me to repair any mistakes I might have made with the earpieces. This is the first time I can actually adjust my hearing aids from my iPhone. A great company and will go the extra mile.
Ken K., on Google
I neglected my hearing loss for 32 years and never thought twice about it. My girlfriend, who wears hearing aids, put hers in my ear. I could not believe the sounds I heard. I worked on jet aircraft and was constantly bombarded by jet noise. Dr. Teter and Tina Williams were very professional and understanding. I took the hearing test, fitted with demo hearing aids , and was amazed at the sound quality and clarity. Not only are they very professional but they are also very caring about your wellbeing. Everything was explained thoroughly and the hearing aid programming is explained step by step. I highly recommend Pikes Peak Hearing Aid Service. Thank you for giving me back my hearing!!
BlackbirdSpecOps, on Google
Jared and Tina were amazing!! I am able to hear so much more clearly and feel like I'm a part of the world again. Thank you so much!!
Susan Burns, on Google
They were not a high pressure sale. They listen to your concerns and gave trueful answers
John Perry, on Google

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